Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sketches: In Class

During class last time, we were doing a few sketches of our fellow classmates, standing in different poses. The time span of 5 minutes seem long at first but it was actually faster than expected. I was just getting into the motion of figuring out how to draw it faster when it was suddenly over. Below are two images of some examples of what we drew.

If I remember correctly, this image was of Jack. This animated self as usual. I pick this one because of it's size relative to the scale, which was near the right scale of the drawing.

I pick this one not because it was great or anything, but it gave me clues to how to draw the figures easier, and faster. With these type of sketches you don't need precise accuracy to details but a general outline of the figure instead. This exercise really helped in my experience of drawing human figures better. Still working on it, but nonetheless better.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I chose the following 3 images from my sketch book because it had different qualities about them. The first one, the bottle drawing, it was the closest shape that I was able to resemble to the actual one. Maybe the sunlight area could have been a bit better but overall it was the better bottle drawing in my sketch book.

The second one was my wood project drawing. the line and angles were carefully drawn, something I usually don't do often, as I'm mostly just doing a gesture drawings of things instead. It was unfinished, an in-class assignment so the time was cut short.

The last one I chose was a gesture drawing of leafs around my cubicle. I pick this one instead of the other leaf drawings because the lines and shading was much better than the other ones. It looks more like a gesture drawing.

Alex's Self-Portrait:
I chose this image because it was her most recent work. I could tell she was getting better with her image drawing as the figure was becoming more resemblance to her own figure. Keep up the good work, Alex!

Adrienna's Shadow Scissor Drawing:
This one stand out the most to me because of the shadow shading that actually formed up the scissor outline. The lighting details attached to this image was very well created. I just enjoy looking at it. Awesome work, Adrienna!